Membership Benefits

Business Value 

  • Drive efficiencies.  More effective measurement of sustainability performance will uncover opportunities for operational efficiencies in energy, materials, and water use. 
  • Encourage continuous improvement.  Benchmarking facility performance against peers and against a range of beyond-compliance performance will create incentives for positive change in practices and technology.  
  • Reduce supply chain risks.  Performance on the index will provide deeper insight into supplier management practices and risk areas for mitigation/capacity building.  
  • Reduce duplicative effort.  Collaborating on a single index will reduce ‘assessment fatigue’ in the supply chain and minimize resources spent in measuring and reporting.  
  • Drive innovation. Sharing best practices with other industry leaders, and collaborating on industry-wide projects will accelerate innovation in practices and technology.
  • Share costs. Pre-competitive collaboration will reduce costs for individual companies in developing the index and related tools. 


  • Drive systemic change By pooling resources the Coalition can address systemic issues that individual companies can’t address on their own.
  • Aggregate demand.  In a highly fragmented industry, pooling customer demand for improvements will accelerate change.
  • Ensure credibility and adoption.  Collaborating on the development of the apparel index in a broad-based multistakeholder coalition will ensure broad acceptance of the framework.
  • Influence future regulation.  Working together at the forefront of sustainability measurement will help the industry to get out in front of and shape evolving regulation on reporting product impacts.


  • Capability building.  Participating in development and use of cutting-edge measurement tools will build internal and supply chain capability for sustainability innovation.  
  • Brand value.  Participation in this leading edge effort will strengthen consumer recognition of sustainability leadership.
  • Industry recognition.  The apparel index will place the industry at the forefront of sustainability leadership and will be a model for other sectors.