Rapid Design Module (RDM) - Beta

The Rapid Design Module (RDM) – Beta was released on 10/28/2013 to SAC member organizations and to the public on 12/11/2013. This tool can be accessed at http://rdm.apparelcoalition.org/.

The RDM-Beta is a prototype designed to test the concept of a simple tool that aims at educating and providing quick directional guidance to apparel and footwear designers during the product creation process about the potential environmental impacts of their design solutions. It is a streamlined version of the Product Module in the Higg Index 1.0 to help engage designers in the Higg Index’s produce life cycle thinking and how we directionally assess materials sustainability through the MSI.

The RDM-Beta in not a substitute for the Produce Module but is a product-focused tool in the Higg Index 2.0 suite of tools. We highly encourage testing it as much as possible so we can further capture its value and improve the tool to become even more useful and usable.  You can submit feedback within the tool itself be clicking on the Feedback tab.

A Post-2.0 Product Module Task Force was recently created to focus on defining a broader strategy for the Product Module in the Higg Index. The RDM-Beta is also informing this work.

Here is a screenshot to give a sense of what the RDM-Beta looks like: