~ 2013 ~

December 2013, SustainableBrands: Cultural Differences in Effectively Driving Sustainable Innovation 

December 2013, GBL Jeans: Malwee Associa-se a Sustainable Apparel Coalition

December 2013: Apparel Magazine: As New Sustainable Apparel Coalition Member, Low- Water Cleaning System Xeros to Contribute Data to Higgs Index

November 2013, Fibre2Fashion: Spanish Coruna hosts SAC congress for apparel sector

November 2013, Sourceror: Textile and apparel industry commits to sustainable sourcing through lifecycle analysis

November 2013, Noticiero Textil: Inditex gestiona 900 millones de prendas por año en sus centros logísticos

November 2013, Greenbiz: Fashion forward: Innovations drive sustainable clothing

November 2013, Huffington Post: Getting Over the Sustainability Innovation Hump

November 2013, Apparel Magazine: Sustainable Textiles Begin With a Sustainable Supply Chain

November 2013, Industry Leaders Magazine: Retail Giants join forces on Sustainable Apparel

November 2013, Associations Now: Setting Standards: Sustainable Apparel Coalition wins Industry Backing

November 2013, Worldgreen: Measuring Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

November 2013, Green Wizard Blog: The Value of Transparency: Food, Clothing & Shelter

October 2013, Fibre2Fashion: Schneider to develop web-based tool for SAC’s Higg Index

October 2013, Daily Tarheel: Could green be the new black?

October 2013, Textiles Update: Sri Lanka the Creative regional Hub for South Asia Commits to Sustainability

October 2013, The Guardian: Prosperity with less: what would a responsibly economy look like?

October 2013, Forbes: Sustainability Is the Mother of Invention: An Interview With Jamie Bainbridge

October 2013, Sustainable Brands: SAC ad Schneider Electric Developing Higg for Apparel and Footwear Industries

October 2013, The Green Spotlight: Good Duds: Sustainable and Responsible Clothing

October 2013, Environmental Leader: SAC, Outdoor Industry Association Launch Chemical Management Tool

October 2013, Ecotextile News: SAC to use Schneider for Higg web-tool

October 2013, GreenBiz: Companies get a new tool to manage supply chain chemicals

October 2013, Sourcing Journal Online: Apparel & Footwear Higg Index Goes Online

October 2013, Environment Guru: SAC and Schneider Electric Developing Higg Index 2.0 for Apparel and Footwear Indsutries

October 2013, Portugal Textil: Nova ferramenta para a sustentabilidade

August 2013, The Guardian: What collaboration looks like in sustainable fashion

July 2013, Working Knowledge: Sustainable New Product Development

July 2013, Interiors & Sources: Fashionably Green

July 2013, OC Weekly: Orange County’s Action-Sports Companies Are Trying to Go Eco Before It’s Too Late

June 2013, Southern California Public Radio: Manufacturers embrace Fair Trade clothing designation, but will consumers?

June 2013, Already Pretty: Fascinating and Fashionable: Anupama the Apparel Merchandising, and Design Professor

June 2013, Fashion Forum: Tre skridt mod et bæredygtigt mærke i nakken

June 2013, Apparel Magazine: Sustainable Apparel Coalition Puts Materials in Spotlight

June 2013, Environmental Leader: Sustainable Apparel Coalition Adds Materials Web Tool

June 2013, Sustainable Brands: Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition Launches Collaborative Web

June 2013, Just-Style: US: Sustainable Apparel Coalition adds new web tool

June 2013, Fibre2Fashion: SAC launches new sustainability tools for apparel sector

June 2013, South China Morning Post: Sustainable Fashion

June 2013, Specialty Fabrics Review: Sustainable Textile Coalition leads industry toward sustainability

June 2013, Journal for Asia on Textile & Apparel: Suppliers advised to comply with environmental rules

May 2013, EcoTextile News: New materials invited for Higg index

May 2013, Textiles Update: Sustainable Apparel Coalition is preparing to Accept New Materials

May 2013, Portugal Textil: Químicos desafiam indústria

May 2013, Journal for Asia on Textile & Apparel: Environmental compliance is a way out for China 

May 2013, Her Campus: 4 Ways You Can Help Prevent Another Bangladesh Tragedy

May 2013, College Magazine: Moving Towards Sustainable and Humane Apparel

May 2013, Care2: Are Your Clothes Fair Trade?

May 2013, New York Times: Some Retailers Say More About Their Clothing’s Origins

May 2013, Forbes: Why Business Must Become A Third Pillar of Social Change

May 2013, Huffington Post: Why We Need a Global Brand Initiative

April 2013, Ecotextile News: SAC Reaches out to Universities

March 2013, Beschaffung Akutell: Hosen von A nach B – aber sauber        

March 2013, Business Technology: How rivals from Google, Amazon, and Facebook joined forces in a bid to beat cancer.

March 2013, WTOP: Eco-fashion appearing at Oscars and popular clothing stores

March 2013, Fashion Forum: Forbrugerne spørger: Hvor køber man øko-tøj?

March 2013, Textilhögskolan första svenska lärosäte i SAC   

January 2013, The Guardian: How to Make Progress on Collaboration for Sustainability


~ 2012 ~

August 2012, New Eco-Index Unveiled by Sustainable Apparel Coalition

 August 2012, Green Retail Decisions: Target, Walmart and Kohl's Launch Higg Index

August 2012, Earth PM: Is That a Sustain On Your Shirt?

August 2012, TIME Magazine: Eco Chic

July 2012, Textile World: Sustainable Apparel Coalition Launches Higg Index

July 2012, The Higg Index Rates Green Apparel

July 2012, SHFT: New Index Promises More Sustainable Apparel

July 2012, New Tool To Measure Sustainability

July 2012, : Fashion Industry Makes Sustainability Statement

July 2012, The Timberland Bootmakers Blog: Measuring What Matters and The Higg Index

July 2012, Cocoperez: Retailers Can Now Rate Quality of Apparel With Scoring System

July 2012, Sustainable Business Oregon: Sustainable Apparel Coalition Launches New Sustainable Products Index

July 2012, The Adidas Group Blog: Sustainable Apparel Coalition Launches Higg Index

July 2012, Shop Toko: Newly Released Higg Index Measures Sustainability

July 2012, Duke Center for Sustainability and Commerce: Expert Available to Comment on Release of Higg Index

July 2012, The Industry London: Industry Tool Measures Sustainability

July 2012, Sustainable Brands: Nike, Target, Others Launch Sustainable Apparel Index

July 2012, Triple Pundit: Interview: New Tool Will Measure Sustainability Across Apparel Supply Chains

July 2012, Blu Skye News: The Sustainable Apparel Coalition and the Next Industrial Revolution

July 2012, H&M News and Images: Sustainable Apparel Coalition Launches Higg Index

July 2012, OIA Industry News: Outdoor Industry Association® Applauds Launch of Sustainable Apparel Coalition Indexing Tool

July 2012, Canadian Manufacturing: Garment and Footwear Industries Measure Supply Chain Sustainability

July 2012, Fibre2Fashion: Sustainable Apparel Coalition Unveils New Measurement Tool

July 2012, Revmodo: Higg Index Promises More Sustainable Apparel

July 2012, Environmental Leader: Nike, Walmart, Levi’s Launch Sustainable Apparel Index

July 2012, Dexigner: Higg-Index: Sustainable Apparel Coalition Launches Sustainability Index

July 2012, Ecotextile News: Sustainable Apparel Coalition launches Higg Index

July 2012, Jezebel: Rag Trade (Higg Index Launch Mentioned)

July 2012, Forbes: Target, Nike, Levi's Join Forces on Sustainable Clothing

July 2012, Women’s Wear Daily: Sustainability Index Unveiled

July 2012, GreenBiz: Behind the Scenes at the Sustainable Apparel Coalition

July 2012, Fast Company: Creating A Sustainability Index For The Apparel Industry, With Help From Nike, Walmart, And Target

July 2012, 美国可持续服装联盟发布新评定标准 (United States Coalition for sustainable apparel released new evaluation standard)

July 2012, Ecouterre: Sustainable Apparel Coalition Launches “Higg Index” to Rate Green Apparel

July 2012, Fashionista: New Scoring System Tells Companies How Sustainable Their Clothes Really Are

July 2012, BusinessGreen: Clothing and Footwear Industry Races Towards Sustainability

July 2012, Wall Street Journal: Which Outfit Is Greenest? A New Rating Tool

July 2012, Transworld Business: Sustainable Apparel Coalition Honored by Corporate Eco Forum

June 2012, San Francisco Chronicle: Unilever, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and Neil Hawkins Win 2012 CK Prahalad Awards

June 2012, EcoTextile News: EOG joins Apparel Coalition

June 2012, Environmental Leader: Value Chain Sustainability: Collaboration the Key to Success

May 2012, The Economist: Good business; nice beaches

February 2012, EcoTextile News: Two Minutes with... Jason Kibbey, Sustainable Apparel Coalition

January 2012, GreenBiz: Sustainable Apparel Rating Tool Set For Mid-Year Public Launch

January 2012, Ecouterre: Top 7 Eco-Fashion Milestones of 2011


~ 2011 ~

December 2011, Harvard Business Review: Top 10 Green Business Stories of 2011

Smart Planet, Now Those Are Green Jeans

Current TV, Sustainable Apparel Coalition Forms to Rate Fashion Ethics

New York Times, Clothes Makers Join to Set ‘Green Score’

The Guardian, Clothing Industry Giants Launch Sustainable Apparel Coalition

GreenBiz, Walmart, Patagonia Strengthen Pact to Measure Apparel Impact

Womens Wear Daily, Sustainable Apparel Coalition Formed

Treehugger, Sustainable Apparel Coalition Plans Industry-Wide Eco-Index

Financial Times, Big Groups Back Global Eco-Label Scheme

Fast Company, Patagonia, Adidas, Walmart Team Up on Sustainable Apparel Coalition